About Us

Mapcity Colombia starts its operation in 2012 under a Joint Venture figure between the headquarter in Chile and the fourth largest supplier of satellite tracking solutions in Colombia.

The alliance will strengthen the process of developing web solutions and mapping, generating competitive advantage for its customers.

Currently, the company is located in the exclusive area of Chico in Bogota with commercial and operational offices. It has a team of over 20 people focused on providing solutions designed individually for each customer needs.


Mapcity was born from the company Ingeniería y Sistemas SA Gráficos (ISG), founded in 1994, one of the leading companies in Chile dedicated exclusively to providing solutions based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This company provided development services and support for geographical solutions, primarily for the utilities, telecommunications, forestry, mining and government.

In 1998 ISG developed the first chilean location website(www.mapcity.com), which currently receives about 3 million hits per month – being the most used of its kind in the country – and is the undisputed reference for these services in Chile. This project later led to the Mapcity company, which currently has a presence in major countries of the region and local companies with offices in Chile, Peru, and Colombia.

Next year, Mapcity will be adding a third country outside of Chile: Mexico, along with a local partner.


During its years Mapcity has received several awards and outstands constantly by the media for it’s achievements and new products. Among them, we mention the following:

    • Most used location website in Chile.
    • Award to one of the best business ideas by Diario Financiero, with our ”Santiago pocket guide”, which has sold more than 500 thousand copies and has 6 printed editions currently.
    • Superbrands award for being one of the most recognized and leading brands of Chile, presented by this international organization.
    • New York Festivals, bronze prize in web category for its TV commercial for internet service.
    • First GPS monitoring service via website for tracking vehicles.
    • First support service and address search via voice, 100% automated.
    • First address search service and public transportation information via Twitter.
    • First Chilean maps application for the iphone platform.