Transforming information into knowledge by combining statistical and geographical analysis, based on our best databases to generate market intelligence in decision-making.

We know the city like no other. We know where are your opportunities.

Our databases include several types of information like demographic, population , business and trade, consumption, socioeconomic, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, new real estate projects, commercial attraction areas and competition..

From the proprietary information of our customers and market databases, we have analyzed the characteristics of supply and demand for each geographic area in order to identify market opportunities.

All our studies include digital maps with visual results that accompany the descriptive and analytical conclusions of each report. These maps are the best way to synthesize large volumes of information and
identify quickly and effectively where your market opportunities.

Some of our services are:

  • Georeferencing, distribution and density of existing and potential customers.
  • Descriptive studies and characterization of geographic areas. Hotspots of opportunity..
  • Local influence analysis using isochrones and isoquants.
  • Identification and selection of locations for opening new outlets.
  • Identification of high-impact areas for tactical marketing activities.
  • Estimation of demand and market potential.
  • Socioeconomic segmentation of customers.
  • Consumption patterns of a given area.
  • Territorial characterization of a new branch.
  • Market analysis and competition from a geo-perspective.
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