Mapcity has over 12 years of experience in Geobusiness (also called Geomarketing), supporting the decision making of the most important companies in Chile, Peru, and Colombia. More than 700 customers vouch for our expertise and quality service.

Geobusiness is business support in making business decisions based on market georeferenced information. It is a relatively new world, which is based on digital maps and advanced tools of geostatistical analysis to generate business intelligence, supported by spatial information, often hidden from traditional analyzes that do not incorporate the spatial variable.

Our applications and studies help you find relevant information and market your business, which can be integrated into the different areas of your business such as marketing, sales, logistics and collections, among others.

Geobusiness, as conceived by us, is a comprehensive solution, is the value chain of our customers needs. From the generation of databases, processing and analysis to the same customer contact, sales and delivery.

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