We develop web solutions for digital mapping for land management, analysis and decision support management decisions in areas such as marketing, sales, logistics, real estate development and others.

We integrate the databases available on the market with our own clients to deliver high-value tools for decision-making, as a large georeferenced control panel developing web and mobile projects, tailored to each client’s requirements.

We are experts in providing services over the Internet since 1998. Our data center has the best infrastructure to deliver the highest standards of safety and performance in our applications, which have programs of support and personal attention.


  • Applications for the visualization of business, marketing, collection and distribution.
  • Applications for viewing areas of opportunity and risk.
  • Fleet Tracking and field teams through mobile phones and GPS fixed.
  • Analysis of branch location and competition.
  • Generation of optimal routes (sales, collections, distribution).
  • Generating isochrones, isoquants, Thiessen polygons.
  • Applications for displaying points of interest (business, schools, hospitals, etc).
  • Generation of management reports

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